1818 Farms: Mooresville, Alabama


North Alabama peeps if you have not heard or been to 1818 Farms yet, you are missing out. I love that my paths crossed with the owners, as they are the sweetest and passionate about getting back to the way life use to be. They live in the lovely town of Mooresville and now have the sweetest little farm that is open to the community to have birthday parties, sewing classes, and tea parties. But, at the birthday parties you get to pet all the furry lovable animals. The sheep are my favorite!

But, there is a hidden treasure that is about to go live to the community, it can be used for brides, maybe sweet little tea parties and in todays case some senior portraits. And what is funny, the last time I talked with Natasha (the owner) this was going to be for chickens, quite the makeover. 😉 I want to take home every piece of furniture in here, and look forward to shooting here more in the future.  And here is the link to their website: 1818 Farms

Thanks to my lovely model Karlie for making this room even more stellar!


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