2014 Highschool Senior Reps

I introduce the 2014 high school reps for the North Alabama area! Let me tell ya, these girls are full of life that helped remind me how old I am….haha…just kidding. No, they reminded me to let loose and have fun!

If you are an upcoming high school senior and know any of these lovely ladies ask them to get you in contact with me, and what I have to offer for upcoming seniors. Enjoy these images, and spread the word to upcoming seniors!

Make:up: Made-Ya Blush

Clothing: Everybody Buyings Vintage out of Birmingham, Alabama

Location: 1818 Farms in Mooresville, Alabama

Each girl I meet, I want to remind them of their unique beauty….. I want to see high school seniors dream big, and to not let fears and insecurities keep them from pursuing what they want to do in life! 

And that’s a wrap!!!! An 8 hour day full of fun, new friendships, and some RAD memories! 😉 


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