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  • How in the world do you say my last name?!!! that we have the awkwardness out of the way..lets move onto the good stuff. ;)

    I am a child of God and a believer of Jesus Christ. A nurturer and trainer of one amazing daughter and one super sweet son.

    I LOVE capturing romance, turning engagement sessions into a fun date, and enhancing chemistry with my couples.
    I mainly specialize in working with couples and weddings--and love seeing marriages succeed. Be sure to check out my Monday Marriage Matters blog posts. :)
    My 2nd specialty is working with highschool senior girls. And my passion is to see one girl after another see the true beauty within once seeing their images.

    Inspired by The Creator and His nature all around me. Inspired to impress. Inspired to inspire others.

    I have been told that I am known for drawing one into the artistry of the moment, fluidly arresting an instant in time, while enabling the audience to continue the moment in its mind's eye. There's a magical impression left on one's soul after viewing such photography, as it becomes visual food for the soul..... POETRY STANDING STILL, BUT ALIVE IN YOUR SOUL.

    “We must hunger after the beautiful and good"... (George Eliot)

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  • Anna Pociask is the creator and writer of Transpire


When I got the inquiry for this family session, Joanna told me, now be prepared we are a handful. I thought, oh yeah…I am sure you’re not THAT bad… Boy, was I wrong…;);)No, actually, I had a blast with their crazy personalities, and we caught a lot of fun moments. One big brother with 5 sister…and now the family is growing. They make sure to have pictures taken every year, which I just love.:)


Auburn Engagement

Secretly I have always been afraid of horses, even if they look at me, I think they’re going to charge me or something crazy. THEN, I had to face my fears when asked if certain brides could have their horses in their engagement pictures. It all sounded dreamy, so how could I say no…? And I am glad that I faced my fear, and have actually come to love horses, however, I have not gotten myself up on a horse…feet to feet basis is as far as I am going. So, heres to another lovely engagement session with a horse in Auburn Alabama.


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