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  • How in the world do you say my last name?!!! that we have the awkwardness out of the way..lets move onto the good stuff. ;)

    I am a child of God and a believer of Jesus Christ. A nurturer and trainer of one amazing daughter and one super sweet son.

    I LOVE capturing romance, turning engagement sessions into a fun date, and enhancing chemistry with my couples.
    I mainly specialize in working with couples and weddings--and love seeing marriages succeed. Be sure to check out my Monday Marriage Matters blog posts. :)
    My 2nd specialty is working with highschool senior girls. And my passion is to see one girl after another see the true beauty within once seeing their images.

    Inspired by The Creator and His nature all around me. Inspired to impress. Inspired to inspire others.

    I have been told that I am known for drawing one into the artistry of the moment, fluidly arresting an instant in time, while enabling the audience to continue the moment in its mind's eye. There's a magical impression left on one's soul after viewing such photography, as it becomes visual food for the soul..... POETRY STANDING STILL, BUT ALIVE IN YOUR SOUL.

    “We must hunger after the beautiful and good"... (George Eliot)

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{Get Real}

College was some of my sweetest moments with Jesus. I would find myself daily engulfed in books of the bible, underlining, studying, and memorizing….I miss those days. You may ask, then why are you not still living that same lifestyle…
I ask myself that same question, my heart is eager and hungry, but time is so short,and minutes are always filled with things to get done, two children to raise, and a business to run…and you know how the list piles up. and I hate it. It’s not how it is suppose to be….The psalmist says, “but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates DAY AND NIGHT.”

May we be real with ourselves, tender to the Holy Spirit when He is tugging on our heart to spend time with Him…real, intimate time with Him. Good night all…the Lord is calling me to His throne, and I need to listen, and read…

Ashlie - September 14, 2011 - 3:09 am

LOVE this Anna! I concur….it’s not easy with little ones but it is such a breath of fresh air when we take the time to sit at His feet. Thank you for the reminder and for your honesty.

{wednesday wonders}

Why yes, this is another post on my children, what other reason would be behind my passion of writing and sharing with the world my tidbits of advice, wisdom, or whatever you may take from my posts…;)
Yesterday I was able to sit back (and of course take a picture) while my daughter “read” to her baby brother. He sat there so contently watching her flip the pages, and listen to her own little story from what she remembered me reading to her.

Be encouraged this day mom…go dance silly with your kids, play hide and go seek more than once today, get MESSY in the kitchen baking!:)Just remember these days will pass, and one day we will look back and miss them….well…I am off to go play princess with my daughter.

These are moments I will hold in my heart forever…

And these words are a good reminder for us moms…..

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

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christine - September 7, 2011 - 1:45 pm

love this anna!! you are such a wonderful mommy and i am blessed to have you as my friend! xoxo

{Wedding Photographer} Alton, Il wedding

I couldn’t of asked for a more beautiful day. Yes, there were a few sprinkles when the bride was walking down the aisle, but, they quickly went away, and we had a cool overcast wedding day.
This wedding took place in Alton, Il. The bride and groom chose to see one another before the ceremony so we would have more time to take pictures at off location spots. (I highly recommend this);)
If I had to describe the mood of the wedding day it would simply be: relaxed and genuine love. Rick could not stop kissing his bride, it was so sweet.:)

More weddings to come…

ps….i am in search of a second shooter….

these girls knew how to have fun!

this couple chose to do the first look, so were able to go off site before the wedding to get some fun shots!

momma with her sweet daughters

Linda Keller Talbott - September 6, 2011 - 3:19 am

I am Jennifer’s mother and he pictures are absolutely AMAZING !!!

Jessica - October 17, 2011 - 8:34 pm


I commented on one of your other posts about you needing another shooter. My mom would so love to help you! Her name is Karen Drake and you can find her on facebook at Karen Drake or Karen Drake Photography.

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