• Hey You!

    I am an artist that seeks to bring back to life the innocent beauty that once when a child. I want to bring out the real you, the forgotten you, the beautiful you. I am a natural light, boutique photographer based in Northern Alabama specializing in senior and wedding portraiture.
    I am not your traditional type photographer, as my heart races with excitement to dig deeper into who you are as an individual. You will walk away with a flare of poetic imagery that screams your name. I look forward to meeting you, hugging you, and becoming friends.

A new normal takes place when a piece of your life shatters. But one day at a time the Lord gives us the strength to pick them back up and fill them back in a new a beautiful way.

“Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces
    but he will heal us;
he has injured us
    but he will bind up our wounds.
After two days he will revive us;
    on the third day he will restore us,
    that we may live in his presence.” 

(Hosea 6:1-2)

This is yet another home that has had to take down pictures of a spouse that once was in the home. I come into homes now to help moms rebuild their walls with who they are as a unit this day. My heart is a little more weary on this one and it did not register to me that the first picture I took was in an empty room where I was attracted to the light softly coming in. This empty room was the master bedroom where I froze in time the mother and two children. One thing that can never be taken is your motherhood. And one thing you as a mother can always provide to your children is the steadfast love you have been fashioned to pour out. I understand you will not be able to give as much as you use to, but I am certain all our babies want is our attention, touch, our calm voice. I am a walking example that God has slowly revived me and has restored my family with a love that never was present until I let God love me.

(This is a ministry I offer to single moms after divorce–you can nominate other moms as well)


  • Bill JonesDecember 2, 2015 - 7:22 am

    I am in awe of your artistic eye with such detail in every picture. Really like the one looking in from the outside; you don’t have to know the back story to the inside, all you need to see is the love that the mom has for her kids. Well done young lady, carry on.ReplyCancel

It’s always refreshing working with a kindred spirit. This girl and I hit it off with our free-spirited personalities. And the fact that she played her violin at the end of the session pretty much won over my whole heart. Girl-keep pressing on toward your dreams!annapociask_0671annapociask_0672annapociask_0673annapociask_0674annapociask_0675annapociask_0676annapociask_0677annapociask_0678annapociask_0679annapociask_0680annapociask_0681annapociask_0682annapociask_0683annapociask_0684annapociask_0685annapociask_0686annapociask_0687annapociask_0688annapociask_0689annapociask_0690annapociask_0691annapociask_0692annapociask_0693annapociask_0694annapociask_0695annapociask_0696


Its not everyday you become pregnant at the same time with you best friend. These two amaze me with their talent, passion for being mothers, and pursuing their dreams full force. And congrats to Vania for bringing baby Echo into the world yesterday!! Proud of you, momma!!annapociask_0634annapociask_0635annapociask_0636annapociask_0637annapociask_0638annapociask_0639annapociask_0640annapociask_0641annapociask_0642annapociask_0643annapociask_0644annapociask_0645