• Hey You!

    I am an artist that seeks to bring back to life the innocent beauty that once when a child. I want to bring out the real you, the forgotten you, the beautiful you. I am a natural light, boutique photographer based in Northern Alabama specializing in senior and wedding portraiture.
    I am not your traditional type photographer, as my heart races with excitement to dig deeper into who you are as an individual. You will walk away with a flare of poetic imagery that screams your name. I look forward to meeting you, hugging you, and becoming friends.

This bride RADIATED when she smiled, and she pretty much never stopped smiling. The way they looked at one another, laughed with one another, and held one another said it all. These two will be example for many couples on how to live out their love for one another. Many blessings to you, Rachel and Jeff!annapociask_0163annapociask_0164annapociask_0165annapociask_0166annapociask_0167annapociask_0168annapociask_0169annapociask_0170annapociask_0171annapociask_0172annapociask_0173annapociask_0174annapociask_0175annapociask_0176

  • Libby LewisMay 13, 2015 - 6:50 pm

    These are fantastic! I can’t wait to see the rest!ReplyCancel

One of the reasons I adore capturing a 17 year senior is because they have so much life ahead of them, waiting to be tackled and seasoned with grace. This girl has a natural beauty to her that radiated from the inside-out. You can see it in her eyes, and there is much you can see into someone when able to look deeply into their soul. annapociask_0140annapociask_0141annapociask_0142annapociask_0143annapociask_0144annapociask_0145annapociask_0146annapociask_0147annapociask_0148annapociask_0149annapociask_0150annapociask_0151annapociask_0152annapociask_0153annapociask_0154annapociask_0155annapociask_0156annapociask_0157annapociask_0158annapociask_0159annapociask_0160