chosen one

my heart has become mush from all of the filth, and when I look all around my children are sound. tonight i prayed for my future daughter in law, yes my son is 4, but he is my little love that i will one day hand over to another. and i wrote a poem to her as i have been taking care of my son with a high fever, but still witty and in denial of his achy bones….my heart was moved, and on their wedding day this poem will be given to the chosen one my son asks to be his bride……


chosen one 

as you can see it is 2015

but as you read this you will see

today you begin playing a part that involves my sons heart

even though I was his first love I know longer will be the one he thinks of

as I write he holds my left hand as he drifts off to sleep

but something stirs within him to move a tad closer, twirl my hair, and stare up at me with those ocean blue eyes you are quite fond of

he has been running a fever all day, at times I would catch his eyes well up with tears because of the tummy-ache that just wont go away

but I trust you are the one that will always be near when he cant think clear

do not resist when he insists you two share a moment that is unheard

never bash his silly, not unless you want to see his disappointed face that says, “really”

me and him are a lot alike you see, and his love for me is almost a drug that can not be released. Extreme? You will see one day if a son takes you hand.

My blessing has been given and I cannot wait to hold your face and embrace the beauty that will unfold in the story that will be told for generations to come.


  • Pamela EMarch 12, 2015 - 9:29 pm

    So beautiful, AnnaReplyCancel

  • MomMarch 13, 2015 - 8:43 pm

    Oh how that brings a tear to my eye, your precious words and that sweet pic of Jaden, oh how I love you all!!!????????????ReplyCancel

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