Confident of your obedience, I write to you, knowing that you will do even more than I ask. (Phil. 1:21)


My daughter who is 6 ran her first one mile race today. She had no idea what to expect, besides; just run. She knew that at the end there would be a reward, a ribbon that proved she finished. When they said, on your mark, get set, GO….her legs started moving forward, and she was focused. She gave me a glance on the sidelines, but her task in front of her was what she needed to concentrate on. Because if she decided to blow me kisses, run backwards until she couldn’t see me any longer, lets be honest she would have fallen and busted her tail bottom in no time. Rather, she put her game face on and went for it.

No one can finish the race for you, even when your biggest fans are on the sidelines cheering you on. We are solely responsible for our race. But, if we do not have supporters walking along our side when we want to stop because it hurts too much, we may never make it to the finish line. Who would you rather be–the one that passed out from exhaustion of trying to do it all on their own, or the one that persevered with pain and much sweat but finished the race?



Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1) NIV


I waited in anticipation to see my blonde hair beauty return in her favorite colors, pink and purple. And when I saw her, I could not help but jog toward her, yell out her name—YAAAAY ABIGAL, YOU CAN DO IT—GO GO GO!!! She smiled at me. Tears streamed down my face. I jogged down to the finish line to see her with the ribbon in hand. I asked her, how do you feel baby girl—you did it! “Momma, not so good” J But, you did it! You finished! You sprinted to the end!

That is all God asks of us. Finish the race He has set out before you. You may grit your teeth when smiling because the reward is in eye sight. And you know, if you made it thus far, there is no turning back now. He has carried you all the way even when you did not see Him. He carried you through with your biggest fans. He carried you through with your closest friends that know your deepest darkest secrets. He carried you through with the blood that conceived you and brought you into this world.

Confidence in the One that called you out to this pilgrimage will bring you to a place where you throw your arms up in surrender. Surrender because you know there is no doubt in your soul that the only reason you made it to the finish line was because of the One that called you to a leap of faith. This leap caused much tension from the unknown. The unknown was known to the One that placed the calling, and from that calling you trusted, sweat, screamed, hurt, pressed on, and simply learned to let go and let God.


I am proud of you. I am cheering for you. You can do this. You will not be disappointed by His protection.


Protection? Yes. Too many times He has protected me from a net of immediate gratifications. When my children are with their daddy and my flesh gets bored; and my extraverted personality wants to be expressed and admired I will go down every “safe” alley I can reach out to, to make something happen. But, guess what?! Here I sit on Memorial Day with not one taste of BBQ (please forgive me for ones that have lost ones that served our country to let us be a country of freedom) Night approaching as it is now almost 8:00pm and I share my weaknesses with you in hopes you do not make short lived decisions. That taste of gratification will last for a few short moments, but where is the satisfaction, where is the long-term fulfillment?

The more we die to the perishable enjoyments the more we will be filled with the knowledge of wisdom. The knowledge of wisdom comes from seeking His Word, from falling on your knees every morning ready to surrender to His will. Be still and wait for the Lord. You will be full.


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