How well do you know…….

How well do you think you know me? 🙂 Lets play a little game…..

1. Am I a perfectionist or completely the opposite?

2. Do I wear matching socks or mismatched socks?

3. My favorite color is pink or turquoise?

4. I am a cuddler or like personal space?

5. My favorite snack is chocolate or chocolate?

6. If I could travel anywhere it would be–Hawaii or Czech Republic?

7. My biggest pet peeve is–selfish inconsiderate people or dumb drivers?

Okay….lets see how well you know me. 😉


  • MomMay 26, 2012 - 3:04 am

    1perfectionist with your work, as a mom and as a wife
    6Czech Republic
    7 i thought dumb drivers were selfish inconsiderate people?
    Love you sweet pea:-)ReplyCancel

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