Huntsville, Al Senior Photographer

I truly believe anyone can get where they want to with their business. Of course we all have to work at it, and it does not come to us all overnight. I remember when I started out with my business, I would take on any and every subject possible. I found out really quick newborn photography was not for me. All the unexpected poo and pee, ton of props, and patience just was not working for me. My own children’s bodily functions were enough for me. 😉

I knew that I had always loved working with teenage girls in college, and even when I was high school I was drawn to middle school and younger high schoolers. I never knew I’d end up with such an amazing dream job–taking portraits for unique girls and brides.

It’s crazy that I am right where I want to be in my business. Working with seniors, couples, and weddings.

Here is a sweet shot of Katelynn. I love the fact that she found my work through Pinterest. 🙂 And to that….I shall pin her picture right now. 😉


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