“I feel like Eve”


And I guess it looks like I have an obsession with apples in my shoots…but, I just like the color it brings to the picture. And I also love that when any individual looks at these images, they see it in a different perspective than I do. So…what do these images say to you?

  • kaybarnesJune 17, 2011 - 3:51 pm

    Like you, I would love to know how many different perspectives you get from this set. Had you not alluded to the fruit in the shot before, I wonder if I, as a Christian, would have made the Genesis 2 connection right away. The photographer in me would have seen it first for the color, but the theologian in me would also see the allusion to sin, i.e. Eve offering the fruit to her husband. Look closer though at the solemn, almost sad faces, as if the consequence of the sin is already being realized.

    Over thinking? Perhaps. But it is truly a beautiful shot.ReplyCancel

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