making memories

You could probably hear the crickets chirping from how quiet I have been with my blog posts this past week. I can assure you it’s not because my home is quiet….it most definitely is filled with life, tears, laughter, dance parties, timeouts, naps, playing hide and seek, and just simply taking in the little moments that are so huge to my children.

A few months ago when God opened my eyes to how I was placing my priorities I was able to see that I was looking at life all wrong. The everyday moments that I am blessed with being a stay at home mom I took for granted.   I now look at their expressions–the good and ugly and let them leave precious imprints on my soul, so deep that I look at my own expressions whether inward or outward. I pray that the lasting impressions I leave for my children are security, unfailing love, trust, genuine, and not just being in a room with them, but living in a room making memories with them.




a few shots taken from my picture-a-day challenge….which I can not believe is almost over! I can not wait to print out this album.




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