Monday Marriage Matters: Embrace the Gift

Does our relationship with our spouse reveal our relationship with God? Without God’s light we can easily hide the flaws and emphasize  only our best side. We may convince many people we are spiritual superstars, but God knows we are just another ugly Christian who refuses to step into the light. “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” Hebrews 4:13

My husband and I brag over and over again about the body of believers we have gotten to know the past couple of months at Summit Crossing. The church practices what they preach, and the main thing we see and are at ease with is we do not have to have our crap together–or as the world perceives as perfect with the picture perfect smile all the time. Friendships/marriages are based on being real and honest…(okay, I may have been going down a rabbit trail for a bit there…but, having friends you can talk about the dirtiest things going on in your life and marriage with is so important) Accountability is a must…..

Spoiler alert: “we are so evil and sinful and flawed that Jesus had to die for us” –Timothy Keller. I do not say this to make you hang your head in shame, I say this to encourage you; you are not alone–we are all sinful. And guess what–there is hope–His name is Jesus. So, back to the first question I raised–how does the relationship we have with God reflect the relationship we have with our spouse? I look at my spouse as a gift, just as Jesus is a gift. But, sometimes we do not appreciate all gifts we are given, some gifts we throw away when nobody is looking, some gifts get forgotten about, and some gifts simply get neglected. Can anyone relate and see where I am going?

How often do we take for granted the truths that have been entrusted to us, including our spouses…. we may get completely agitated with the truths of the bible because we actually have to work at living out a life that is the opposite of what it actually wills to do. And that same agitation we may feel toward our spouse because they are not thinking or doing something the way WE would do it. I think when we all can come to the realization that our spouses are not the enemy and God is not the enemy we can apply this beautiful truth: marriage has the ability to reveal who we TRULY are, just as the Spirit convicts us within…. Marriage and God should be looked upon as a team; they both have the ability to expose our deepest darkest sins if we let them.

I am going to keep comparing how we treat our spouse is right along side on how we can treat Our Creator…. maybe you have been on the verge of divorce or separation, have you stopped and looked at where your relationship with God is/was? Have you stopped to think, “why discard this partner for someone else only to discover THAT person’s deep, hidden flaws?” We all have flaws, just like that next person you think will fulfill you better than the last person with those unbearable flaws….we can never escape flaws…and we can never escape Gods faithfulness when we have been unfaithful….

saved by grace,

Anna Pociask, MA





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