{my journey as a photographer…part II}

May 5, 2010 I sat and put into words where I began as a photographer…here is the link if you want to go back and read it. http://annapociask.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/my-journey-as-a-photographer/

I promised I would scan the pictures that spurred my photography….which were taken on my first overseas mission trip in India. I’ll be honest when I was scanning these prints and REALLY looking into the eyes of these two children, my heart began to race with thoughts of….how old are they now? are they still running in the streets all dirty and barely having anything to eat? did someone reach their village with the gospel and now are involved in a church plant? It’s crazy how attached I am to these two girls, just from taking one snapshot of them. My dream has always to be a national geographic photographer….and I am just waiting on Gods timing. Well, here are the pics I promised…these were taken with my first canon rebel FILM camera!


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