Rebuild Your Walls

I know personally how it feels to take down pictures of what I called my family, to replace them of one less family member. And as being an artist, I create memories all over my walls to showcase our story of who we are as a family of mother-daughter-son. I know every single mother has a different story, but I know we all have in common that pain when we took down our wedding picture. I also know we are creating beautiful messes everyday in our homes, as we slowly let others and God mend us back up. I share this to express my heart on wanting to help single mothers put real life moments back up on their walls. And today I want to give one mom a chance to either be gifted or offered an in home session with me. Where I come to your home where your everyday memories are made, and I capture the beauty of them. I will let you guys cut loose and be YOU! SHARE OR REPOST with my name @annapociask and hashtag #rebuildyourwallswithanna and one momma will be chosen to kickoff this ministry I want to give to other mommas. And as I know budgets are tight, the fee for these type shoots will be on a what you can afford. I want to show love to all of you rock solid mommas who are giving way more now to those precious kiddos of yours.

If you are not following me on IG to be able to take part of this find me at @annapociask. Really looking forward to this!

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