Senior–Huntsville, Alabama


When I am in the realm of a shoot, I really try to put myself into the shoes of that person….what stage of life are they in, what will they want to look back on when they look at this period of life they were in. When I am working with couples that are engaged, it is easy for me to get wrapped up in the flirty love as I am married and still love flirting with my own husband after 6 years of marriage.

But working with a senior is completely different…and i love it for many reasons….

When I look at these two pictures I posted I see a beautiful girl, getting ready to embark on her last year of high school. A whole life ahead of her, dreams that she is ready to pursue and make come true. How do I as a photographer portray that in her pictures. I want to make her more than just beautiful, I want to capture that twinkle in her eye that screams excitement….I want to capture that look of uncertainty of the future, but, courage to fight for what she believes in. I want her to say with confidence….I am a child of God, made with purpose, unique, and dearly loved……

Sweet girl…don’t you ever forget my daughters innocent words…..”are you a princess?” Yes, YOU are a princess….a child of the King in Heaven!




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