{Sweet Child of Mine}

I FINALLY found a night to take my daughter out for her fall pics. I have had this dress for awhile now, and have been dying for her to wear it! My sweet girl is 26 months old, and I’ll brag a little bit….she is the sweetest little girl I know..I am not biased or anything, though. 😉
She has really started to become more of a cuddler, FINALLY! I am known as the cuddling queen, and when this little stinker came along she wanted nothing to do with it. But, that is changing. Yay!!
All day yesterday she was in the silliest mood, but when we took pics of course she did not perform, but I just love her sweet, soft, and innocent look in this shot.
I love fall pictures, because of all the warm colors….

oh, and there are more to come, that are more comical than blow up big and put over your fireplace. 😉



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