{The one and only….Eckleys} Huntsville, Alabama portrait photographer

The Eckley family has become very dear to the Pociask family….for more than one reason…..
When we moved to Alabama, we did not know a soul, and we had been searching out churches for about two months when we finally decided to visit Whitesburg Baptist Church. Right when we walked into the sunday school, we were automatically welcomed with questions…Emily Eckley being one of them. After class, this lovely family asked us out to lunch. Here is a funny story, the first time we met baby Kate, Justin held her, and she cuddled up right to him…she wanted him to hold her. To this day, Kate still loves my husband. Another reason we love the Eckleys is because my daughter is obsessed, I mean, in love with Ben and Kate. There is not a day she asks to go see them, or she is talking on her play phone to kate. She use to call her baby cake. Today we were sitting at a different table than the eckleys at an after church lunch, when abs saw Kate, she put her hand out to her like she had not seen her in years and yells–KATE!! Okay….you get the point….we love this family. And I have been dying to take pics of Kate and Ben since the first day I met them. Just as I suspected, they take amazing pics. 🙂
Hope you enjoy my favs I chose to share as a sneak peek…

Love you guys!!


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